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Mid-America Steel Structures
Mid-America Steel Structures is our own private label building manufacture. We have our own complete version of Metal Building Software [M.B.S.] with in house pricing, drafting and engineering. We are able to control quality and time.
We are able to sell just the building in a true kit form straight from the factory. Anyone that wants to build their own building can buy the building straight from the factory without having to go through a middle man.

True kit form means that there is no cutting, welding or drilling that has to be done on your jobsite. Just bolt it and screw it together. We use welded on clips always. Every part will have a part number ink jetted onto it. Your set of blue prints shows that same part number and where it belongs in the building. Along with construction drawings comes a construction manual, it tells you what part you need, where it goes and in what order. The manual has drawings showing you what your finished building is supposed to look like and drawings showing you what it is not supposed to look like.

If you have questions about your Mid-America Steel Structures kit, just call. We retain a complete set of your blueprints. If you have a question, call, you pull out your set, we pull out our set and our knowledgeable staff can walk you through any aspect of construction.

Safety Net
If you purchase a Mid-America Steel Structures building kit, you have a safety net. If for any reason you cannot complete your building, NWA Metal Buildings can complete it for you. Not only do we sell the kits our sister company NWA Metal Buildings builds them. We can finish the construction for you. This simple service guarantees your building will get built, one way or another.
If you buy a kit from a company that just “sells” them and their kit turns out too complicated, you are on your own. We point this out is because it is a very real and often occurrence.

Mid-America Steel Structures is a Metal Building Manufactures Association [M.B.M.A.] building. Our building is American Institute of Steel Construction [A.I.S.C.] certified. Our building is as good as any steel building on the market.

Contactors Discount
We offer a contractors discount for companies that buy multiple buildings. We are a low risk company to buy from since we are local. If a part has to be rushed to the jobsite so you can stay working, we can do that. If you buy a kit out of Texas or Indiana a missing part has to come all the way from the original state. A missing critical part can shut down your jobsite for over a week. Buying from Mid-America Steel Structures can save you time and money.




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