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Building Styles

Metal Buildings

We currently erect three different styles of metal building.

1. Pre-Engineered steel buildings are best suited for larger projects. Using manufactured I-Beam steel for the main frame we can design the building to meet any wind or snow load required. 90’-100’ clear span is considered the “sweet spot” economically for this type of construction project. Commercial buildings are a great example of a pre-engineered building.

2. Post Frame buildings are perfect for home shops, oversized detached garages, man caves, your own personal space, storage for boats and RV’s and the list goes on and on. These are constructed using engineered trusses to fit wind and snow load. You can chose to build with a concrete floor or even add one later. This makes the post frame building the go to choice for hay barns, cattle barns and horse barns.

3. Conventional Stick Frame construction is often called stud wall construction. This is a great option for customers who want to build a metal building home or who want to have an apartment inside the building. This style is a hybrid of new home construction using the economical metal panels for the roof and walls. It is a great choice when building on a difficult terrain using a block wall foundation or “on steep slopes here in the Ozarks”.

Lean-To Styles - We also add lean-to/porches on to our metal buildings using three different types or styles. Lean-to/porches are a great addition to any metal building and adding one can create unique architectural designs.

Monitor Style is where the high side of the lean-to is 18”-24” below the eave of the main building. This creates a break in the roof line and allows the lean-to/porch to be lowered on the side of the building. Some people refer to it as a Kentucky horse barn.

Classic Style is where the high side of the lean-to is the same height as the eave of the main building. The typical 3:12 roof pitch of the main building with the 1:12 pitch of the lean-to gives it that classic 1930’s American farm look. The change in roof slopes also serves to create a break in the roof line that can be architecturally pleasing.

Nuevo Style is where the main building and the lean-to have the same roof pitch/roof line. This allows for a continuous streamlined roof and often this allows for one panel to cover the main building and the lean-to. This is a modern twist on something that has been around for a very long time.

What are you looking for in a metal building?

Many times you’re just looking for extra storage space or maybe a place to work on a special project. We have a wide range of metal storage options that can also be a great accent to your home. If you had planned on expanding your garage due to growing pains, we can recommend a storage building in the backyard to help alleviate the storage shortage. It does a great job of freeing up space in the garage and can give you accessibility to the items you need without having to get a ladder to remove them from wall hooks. The versatility and expansion options are endless. These storage buildings can provide protection from the elements giving you the space to do anything from restoring a car to housing landscaping equipment. It all depends on what you want from your building.
If your interest is in commercial buildings such as constructing a new office or a large storage warehouse, then we can help you find the most efficient use of the space while making every attempt to save you money. Office buildings usually look best with glass front windows and a professional exterior. Depending on your business, you might want to get some suggestions from an experienced contractor, like us, who can offer practical solutions such as, using a noncombustible material like steel to provide the supporting structure for your building.

Post Frame Building

If you’re building a new Post Frame in the NW Arkansas area, we can help you with all the details. Our experts have the industry knowledge to help you with choosing building dimensions, height, door and window layout and adding some aesthetically pleasing options.

Many Different Uses
A Post Frame has many different uses. The size and shape will depend on what exactly you plan to do with the space. Many farmers find this type of building to be particularly efficient if they’re planning on housing indoor livestock. Other large scale uses could be building something creative like an indoor horse stable or riding arena. You can house cattle and give them a place to get out of harsh weather or you can use your Post Frame just to store equipment.

Open Walls or Enclosed
A Post Frame has the unique flexibility to either have walls or just an open covering. The Posts make up the perimeter of the barn which is typically rectangular and can be sized to your specified height. What makes the Post Frame a great structure is its simplicity. You can adjust its functionality later down the road, if you wanted to transform an open Post Frame to one with walls enclosing it. You might want to store animals and need something with more of a floor to ceiling covering to keep out the elements. You can decide how, when and what it will be next.

Easy Vehicle Accessibility
One of the benefits to a Post Frame structure is its accessibility. It makes a great place to keep hay or other items that might need to be accessed by vehicles or other machines. Sometimes storage sheds or something that doesn’t have a wide enough entryway will require a person to manually remove the contents before loading it onto a transport. This can be a waste of time and effort when you consider that a Post Frame will let you have the space you need making your day-to-day work easier on you.

Choosing the Right Place
When you want to find a suitable site for your construction project, there are a few factors you want to consider:

  1. A generally flat area that fits the zoning regulations and land use designations.
  2. Keep in mind the cost of utilities at the site. If it is a long way from an existing structure, utilities may have to be brought to the structure which could be a large expense.
  3. Check any important historical records to ensure that your site is not a prohibited area to build in.

The site can be very important if the structure is somewhere near your home. Your home’s overall appearance is important to its value. If it is somewhere remote on the property, this won’t matter as much. If it is somewhere close to your home, you may want to consider what type of siding and roof you’ll need. It may seem generally cosmetic but it does make a difference.
Here are some Top Tips for buying a Post Frame!

Needing the Room
Most people need more space. We accumulate possessions over time and eventually either have to give some of them up or find a place to store them. Post Frames are affordable and incredibly reliable. The type of purpose it is going to serve will determine exactly what it will look like and how it will function. It can be used for RV storage, equipment storage and multipurpose farm buildings.
If you’re already interested, then we can help you get started on your construction project. We will be able to offer you a reasonable estimate and answer any questions you may have about the overall process. Our experts are here to make the whole experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

What is a Post Frame?

A Post Frame is a unique structure designed to provide something as simple as extra storage space or something as complex as a horse barn. It can provide a number of different layouts to serve various purposes, and it can even be finished to become an aesthetically pleasing addition to your property.

Basics of a Post Frame
A Post Frame is a structure erected by setting Posts in the ground to support a roof. It can be that simple. The Posts are set in the ground and anchored by gravel or concrete. Our preferred method, per our specs, for an engineered foundation is by using gravel to pack the posts. This provides air circulation for longevity by wicking away water. We prefer not to pack in dirt or concrete due to the fact that they both could hold water and possibly cause early post failure. If you choose, you can have a concrete floor put in, but that is also optional. Choosing not to lay concrete floors is a popular choice when the Post Frame is being used to house livestock. Because the framing is horizontal to the posts, you can make the structure as large as you want while still maintaining its sturdiness and reliability.
A Post Frame is made up of pretty basic building materials. You’ll start with Posts made of pressure treated lumber that may come in the form of 6 x 6 or 5 x 5 posts. Various sizes of lumber will be needed for things like the trusses, and girts. 2-by-4s are typically used for the frame and purlins. Either plywood or steel panels will be used for the walls if you chose an enclosed space and opt for walls.

Doors and Overhead Clearance

When you’re deciding on the doors, functionality is the most important factor. The decision should be based on how much clearance you think you’ll need and the easiest way to maneuver the doors. Sliding doors will give you a higher opening than the overhead doors. Overhead is the style typically found in most garages and requires about a foot of clearance between the top of the door and the bottom of the truss.

Various Exterior Options
The posts and frame of a Post Frame are made of wood. You can apply wood or metal siding to the exterior to get a more finished look. When it comes to the roof, you will typically be using galvanized steel although shingles can be used as well for a different look and texture to the surface.
There are many ways to customize your Post Frame with some cosmetic options such as:

• Wainscoting

(click image to enlarge)

• An Attic 

• Windows 

• Dutch Doors

(click image to enlarge)

• Sliding Doors 

• Overhead Doors 

• Cupola

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• Roof Extension

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• Overhangs

• Flying Gable

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With the abundance of options it is usually best to keep in mind the intended use of the structure before planning any specifics.

Leave it to the Professionals
Choosing the right professional to help you will be critical in your savings. You shouldn’t always go for the lowest bidder. Instead, research several contractors asking for references and quotes. Try to choose your Post Frame professional based on quality and price.

Before you begin building a Post Frame, you should recognize that erecting a structure this large may require a permit, zoning variance or other waivers. You want to make sure you have all the right legal matters in order with your local government before beginning a large scale project. Make sure to let an inspector know if you’re planning to use the structure for storage or agricultural purposes because they may be subject to fewer building regulations. Using a professional contractor can be beneficial because they’ll already know what codes to follow and what permits are needed.

Ultimately, however you decide to use your barn will be the determining factor of its size and its features. Your planning should begin by finding a location and ensuring that it has a well-drained foundation and a flat surface to build on. When you decide the location, contacting a professional to help you with the details will make the project considerably easier.

Red Iron Building

Red iron buildings, which are also called pre-engineered steel buildings or prefabricated steel buildings are an option that is cost effective and durable. They are forged out of steel and the steel frame is what holds the primary support of the structure.

The Strength of Red Iron
Strength is a major factor when it comes to building the supports for your structure. When you build a red iron building, the components are significantly stronger than wooden ones. This also allows you to use fewer pieces for essentially the same design which in turn will save you money. This savings comes in the form of a standard prefabricated unit that takes less time to produce and easier to install.

A Recognized Form of Industry Standard Construction
With a system like red iron, also referred to as Steel I-beam Buildings, they are commonly used so that if there is ever an issue in the future you won’t have to worry about factors such as material inconsistencies or specialized labor.

Less Obstructions Equals More Utilization
One of the more serious concerns with using a conventional wood frame for a building is the constant need of columns throughout the structure to manage the weight and support of the building. The wonderful benefit of a red iron building is the ability of the red iron main frame rafter to be clear span, this results in a completely open floor space, free from obstructions. This also affords you more overhead clearance if you plan on storing large farm equipment or any projects that require greater heights.

Reasons for Insulation
While building, you need to decide how important insulation will be for the use of your building. Insulation can significantly cut down the cost of heating and cooling and adds extra protection from the more extreme forms of weather. It will also help control condensation. If you are housing equipment or livestock, insulation is a great option to protect your investment from facing harsh weather.
If you are handling animals, an appealing feature is that the structure is non-flammable and a secure place to house them. You can be sure that the area is contained and safe for storing the food for them as well. Red iron buildings are designed to resist pests and termites making it significantly more hygienic and durable as a choice of building material. Buildings that aren’t as susceptible to fire risk are typically cheaper to insure, saving you stress and money.

Material Consumption
Red iron can be slightly more expensive than other materials, but in general, there is very little waste material involved in erecting a red iron building. The materials are drawn, detailed and fabricated well before construction so that there aren’t any unnecessary adjustments that need to be made. You can also choose the material you want to accent the exterior of the building according to your own personal tastes. The maintenance involved in red iron is minimal due to its high durability and structural integrity.

Construction Overview
The process for building a red iron structure starts with erecting the columns and mainframes rafters and then attaching the steel purlins and girts. Insulation, if it is being used, would be installed, followed by sheeting. Finally, finishing touches like windows and doors are placed to complete the building.
If it sounds fairly simple, that’s because it is for us. A professional will be helping every step of the way to explain certain material options and give you a chance to ask any questions you may need answered.
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