Regulation is a part of life. And building any building upon your land is sure to have some governing body that will want to oversee all or parts of the building project. This can be a tedious and time consuming process. Our office manager has become very proficient in guiding our company and our clients through the permitting process. This hard work is very important to keeping up a proper construction schedule. This process and costs are sometimes variable because of the changes in regulations that we face and the different inspection processes. We often get engineer stamped approval drawings out early so that the customer can be sure that a permit will go through. Commercial jobs within city limits are generally subject to Large Scale Development. If this is the case then we can work with a team of architects and engineers to guide the project through this process. The time frame for the Large Scale Development process is quite extensive and can add to the cost of the building by a large margin. We need to know of any large scale development restrictions prior to giving you a cost on any building.




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