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Every job site presents its own unique challenges and terrain difficulties. Even on perfectly level ground, top soil will have to be removed and good sub soil will need to be brought in and compacted in order to create a pad that will resist settling over time. If the site work is overlooked or improperly done then problems can occur in the foundation. We are a licensed general contractor and we can offer you competitive pricing on the site work needs of your building. Our sales staff will need to make a personal trip to your job site so that they can take elevation readings on your property. After these readings are taken we can get you a good quote on what to expect regarding your site work costs. The difficult terrain around the lake areas presents an even greater challenge. Dirt pads are a good option in low slope areas but will not work in the steeper terrain often found around the lakes. We offer a block wall foundation in these instances. Our block wall system consists of a step footing full of rebar reinforcement and concrete that is stepped down according to the grade of you property. Blocks are then laid and tied in to the footing with appropriate rebar reinforcement throughout. The block wall is then pumped full of concrete so that the end product is a solid mass of concrete, blocks, and rebar. The interior of this wall system is filled with gravel and a concrete pad can top it off. The concrete block wall foundation allows us to build on the steeper terrain that can be found throughout the Ozarks.




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